Thank you so much for your lovely flower donations to our 1st ever Hospitality Mixer last night. The centerpieces looked lovely…it was a pleasure working with you!

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I have used City Bloom for customized bouquets and my company has a standing order for their arrangements to be delivered every week, so I have seen many different examples of their work.

Dan and his staff have a truly amazing aesthetic, and their arrangements are absolutely top notch. They are the most unique I have ever seen, incorporating asymmetrical elements, unusual flowers, and even fruits and vegetables. Every Monday morning my office is excited to see what Dan will bring us, and every arrangement seems better than the last in terms of color, texture, and variety.

That is not to say that they don’t do beautiful flower arrangements that are more conventional if that is what you want. Really, if you give Dan an idea of what you have in mind (or the personality of the recipient) he will put something together guaranteed to blow you away. There are plenty of floral elements he uses that I have never seen before.

I find his prices quite reasonable when you take into account the variety and longevity of the arrangements. I use City Bloom for every occasion and they never disappoint.

L.F. via Yelp


CityBloom is my favorite florist. Why? Two reasons: 1) The arrangements, and 2) the staff. Their floral designs are not the run-of-the-mill bouquets. They are art. They last a long time and I feel I really get my money’s worth. As for the staff – they are super! Both Amanda and Dan, the owners, are professional and courteous. When I have only a limited amount of time on my lunch hour, I don’t have the luxury of chit-chatting so I appreciate their friendly attentiveness. Congratulations to Oakland that they’ve attracted and kept such a gem of a business.

Patricia J. via Yelp


I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!!!

They are honestly the most amazing florists I have ever known. Not only do they have great product, but they understand exactly what you are looking for (even when you don’t know what you are looking for). I have gotten many flowers from them and am always amazed at the quality and creativity. They also happen to be wonderful and sincere people. They always remember me by name, remember what I like and what I don’t, and genuinely care about their customers.

When I got my mother a surprise bouquet from them, she decided to start surprising me with City Bloom bouquets. The first time she called them, they remembered me and knew exactly what to prepare. They designed a wonderful and extraordinarily fragrant bouquet for my birthday. Not only was the bouquet amazing….but they also personally came and sang me Happy Birthday per my mother’s request. (thanks for making me turn bright red in the office mom:)!)

Recently, I was surprised with a bouquet that was the most radiant I have ever seen. Everyone who saw it stopped to comment…on the bus, in the elevator, on the street…the thing was amazing! The colors were so unique and fresh. To top it all off, they are still blooming a week later!!!

They continue to impress me…..going above and beyond every single time. I also really enjoy myself in their company which makes buying flowers even more of a treat:)

Thank you CITY BLOOM!!!! I’ll definitely be back for more.

Annelise B via Yelp


I needed a sympathy arrangement delivered last minute and CityBloom was excellent!!!!! They graciously listened as I sobbed my order to them over the phone. When the person I was sending it to wasn’t home, CityBloom was in contact with me the entire time and ensured me that it would get delivered. The recipient loved it and said it was really pretty and I am grateful for having found this wonderful florist. I live in Sacramento, so it was nice to be able to call a local florist that was located near my recipient. Highly recommended!

Jennifer C. via Yelp


I’ve been working in downtown Oakland for two years and every monday we get a floral arrangement from City Bloom for $20. Without fail, the arrangement is beautiful, if not spectacular. Dan is super-nice and helpful and every time we’ve had to order flowers for someone in the office, we go directly to City Bloom and go nowhere else.

J.C. via Yelp


City Blooooom is an awesome, quaint floral shop with friendly owners and longevity. It’s been 9 years since I worked nearby…and they were just as amazing before, as they are now. Personal service for the simplest of floral needs, to the most complex. They fit a lot in their compact space and ‘service with a smile’ is a staple they keep amply supplied! Pricing is extremely reasonable!! Give them a try – you’ll be SO glad you did!

Virginia C. via Yelp


The flower arrangements from City Bloom are absolutely stunning! Anyone looking to truly honor someone for any occasion should go there for a truly unique arrangement.

They prices are reasonable and they are a great addition to Downtown Oakland! I am so thrilled that my husband found them! (that makes me the lucky one!)

Shaylene R via Yelp


Citybloom is the best flower shop I’ve ever patronized!

I own a cafe in downtown Oakland and went in there on a whim to order flowers for our monthly art show. While I was in the tiny flower shop in Oakland’s city center mall, I picked out some Gerbera Daisies for my wife.

While one of the owners, Dan, was arranging them for me I took a look around the tiny cylindrical shop and started to notice the amazing arrangements on display. I became aware that this wasn’t your average flower shop. All around me there were the most beautiful flowers and plants and vases on every surface with reeds and branches and beautiful soft plants hanging over the side of the vases, and all sorts of shapes and colors and textures.

My attention turned to Dan who was tying these thin green reeds onto the stems of the daisies and wrapping over the top of the flower and back down along the stem, creating this kind of halo around the flower.

We’ve now gotten several arrangements for our cafe, and each is unique and eye catching. A mix of common flowers and tropicals and things I’ve never seen before. Our holiday arrangement had the most wonderful smelling pine branches.

Dan and his partner Amanda are true flower artists!

Cortt D. via Yelp

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